Map out the know-how and skill base 

of your organisation's members - Easily and for your daily use.

OwlMaps let's you create organisational skill mappings that add value to the daily running of your organisation. Get in touch below.

Ensure that your employees and members find each other faster.

Your employees or members should not have to depend on luck or their personal networks within your organisation to find the expertise they need to get a certain job done or solve a particular problem.

OwlMaps helps you to raise your efficiency by cutting down the time it takes to find the right help within your organisation.

Know what skills your employees and members have and what they are looking for. Find the right people at the right time for projects and for customer requests, know what skills you are missing and what skills you need to hire or outsource. Know thyself.

Know your organisation as well as possible to leverage its full power.

OwlMaps can be adjusted and personalised to suit your organisation, whatever your needs

We do the initial system set-up for you. The system is fully customisable as your needs evolve over time. There are no hidden training costs and there never will be.

Initial setup done for you +

No hidden charges.

OwlMaps aims to be ultra-light and very easy to use. We understand that people are already busy with a hundred different things, hence we are radical about avoiding all unnecessary complexity.

Light-touch and easy to use.

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